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Just as memories from last year’s Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week start to fade, Drag Week 2006, filled with exciting drag racing, road trips, and street car action begins!  Drag Week 2006 finds a whole new group of lunatics willing to see what it takes to survive a week of road tripping and drag racing in their 500-1500 horsepower drag racing vehicles!

Drag Week is the true test of any drag racer that claims to have a “steerable drag car”.  Follow them through 1500 miles of daily challenges and unexpected obstacles, such as flooded highways, single lane country roads, great distances between gas stations, and numerous roadside repairs to prove that they and their car have what it takes to survive the weeklong event!

Things weren’t looking too hot at the beginning of the event with an unfavorable chance of rain for the entire week! As the event progressed and plans changed everything turned for the best! The first two days were rained out, but even the driving between tracks thinned out the pack of cars separating the true street machines from the weekend dragsters!

This DVD will take you inside the event as well as inside three of the vehicles from the event. In car footage from the large turbo Collectors Edition Trans Am, Huber’s badass 9 second 4 cylinder Mustang, and one of the baddest early model Monte Carlo’s you will ever see in your life!

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