Frequently Asked Questions

Order Shipping & Tracking – You will receive an order confirmation as soon as you complete payment, and another once we have shipped your package (typically within 24 hours)

**Sticker only orders do not have tracking to save on shipping costs to our customers.

See our Shipping Policy for more shipping information

Don't see your country when trying to purchase?  We currently have a select number of countries blocked from our web store due to frequent, repeat issues with successful delivery, we suggest using a freight forwarder that uses a U.S. address and handles the proper delivery overseas, our customers have had a much higher success rate through a forwarder.

Employment requests – We currently are not seeking employment at 1320Video, and get many requests daily, we do like to hear from talented photographers & videographers and see your top work, but employment requests typically won’t be answered at this time.

Digital Download FAQ’s

  • DO NOT attempt to download our movies to your phone, it is 3-4GB and will have issues completing the full download.
  • Gaming Systems – To date we are not aware of any gaming systems that allow for the movie to be loaded & played from them.
  • It will take some time 30 minutes – 2 hours typically depending on your internet connection.
  • If your download fails, you can click the link again (on the thank you page, or in your email you receive) to re-attempt. You have a total of 8 downloads allowed.
  • If you still have issues, you can contact us using the form on the left, or forwarding your email receipt to us.
  • Please provide your order info (order #, name, and email) and the issue you’re having.

If your question/request was not answered above, please Contact Us