About Us

1320Video Street Car Racing

1320Video is a crew of automotive enthusiasts who came together with one common passion - to explore the world of street cars and bring you the best of what we see.  Based in the midwest, the 1320Video crew travels the world to find unique & wild cars, cultures, and drivers.


Street Car Racing

1320Video brings the world the best street car coverage from the United States.  Drag racing, street racing, dyno shootouts, car shows, roll racing events and more! You can find our media across our website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with over 10,000,000 fans world wide!


History of 1320Video

Starting in 2003, 1320Video started as a single automotive enthusiast (with a prior life in 12 volt stereo competitions) shooting photos and sharing them on niche message boards before YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook (and MySpace) were big. As 1320Video began to be known for it’s amateur street racing videos on these message boards, they teamed up with an infamous pickup tuner “Parish” to cover everything crazy going down with his insane 1000+ horsepower pickup, this propelled 1320Video into more and more visibility across the underground street car scene. With the growth of social media around 2012, 1320Video following skyrocketed to what it is today.


Event Coverage

Over the 10 years to follow, 1320Video has gradually covered larger and larger events with some of the highest caliber cars in their space including Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, Race Week, TX2K, FL2K, Cash Days, Shift Sector Airstrip Attack 1/2 mile, SEMA, Street Car Takeover, as well as being the organizer of one of the mid-wests largest car shows, the Ice Cream Cruise! Of course we could never do all of this without an amazing family of friends, volunteers, and staff to help make a big splash at all of the events we attend!