Frequently Asked Questions

Order Shipping & Tracking – You will receive an order confirmation as soon as you complete payment, and another once we have shipped your package (typically within 24 hours)

**Sticker only orders do not have tracking to save on shipping costs to our customers.

Don't see your country when trying to purchase?  We currently have a select number of countries blocked from our web store due to frequent, repeat issues with successful delivery, we suggest using a freight forwarder that uses a U.S. address and handles the proper delivery overseas, our customers have had a much higher success rate through a forwarder.

Employment requests – We currently are not seeking employment at 1320Video, and get many requests daily, we do like to hear from talented photographers & videographers and see your top work, but employment requests typically won’t be answered at this time.

Digital Download FAQ’s

  • DO NOT attempt to download our movies to your phone, it is 3-4GB and will have issues completing the full download.
  • Gaming Systems – To date we are not aware of any gaming systems that allow for the movie to be loaded & played from them.
  • It will take some time 30 minutes – 2 hours typically depending on your internet connection.
  • If your download fails, you can click the link again (on the thank you page, or in your email you receive) to re-attempt. You have a total of 8 downloads allowed.
  • If you still have issues, you can contact us using the form on the left, or forwarding your email receipt to us.
  • Please provide your order info (order #, name, and email) and the issue you’re having.

If your question/request was not answered above, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the form.

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