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1000-3000hp MONSTERS in Texas! | TX2K20

TX2K20 is in full swing, kicking off with passes from the craziest street cars on the planet! TX2K Staff and Sponsors pooled together to create a $5,000 bounty for the first MKIV 2JZ Supra to run a 6-second pass for the weekend. Opening up the event with money on the...

Standing Between 20,000HP – Top Fuel Dragsters!

It’s a shame we have to travel all the way to the UK to be able to film Top Fuel Dragsters, but we couldn’t have had more fun doing it! Kyle checks off his life long dream of standing between two top fuel dragsters while also documenting the experience to share with...

Money Shifts, Wrecks & CRAZY Races! (WCF 2019)

Approaching the end of 2019 we find ourselves here again at Import vs Domestic’s: World Cup Finals, the ultimate event to prepare us octane-junkies for the cold race car devoid winter ahead. One of the largest events we cover all year and absolutely one of the the...

INSANE Jet car LAUNCH at Cleetus and Cars!

Cleetus and Cars is without a doubt some of the wildest events we cover throughout the year. For some reason, they keep on getting better and better! The Boostedbois brought their crazy J series powered Civic (which broke its first pass), there was an INTENSE jet car...

OG Trash Talkers – King of the STREETS 4!

The ORIGINAL home of trash talking, NO-PREP grudge racers!  Talking an old school road trip up north to the CHITOWN area, 1320Video presents another archive classic - King Of The Streets IV!  KOTS IV is a time capsule for the golden days of the original No-Prep racing...
1400hp s2000 vs SKETCHY VERT on Texas Streets!

1400hp s2000 vs SKETCHY VERT on Texas Streets!

These two super street cars are no strangers to this channel but we haven't caught them going head-to-head before. What better place to catch this battle than the Texas Streets? Squeezing in a few late night runs before the sun came up after a few hours of parking lot...

McLaren Battles ALL! – Lambo’s, Vette’s, and More

McLaren Battles ALL! – Lambo’s, Vette’s, and More

We never pass up on a good opportunity to ride in in modified exotics, especially when we’re out on the Texas Streets! This McLaren 570GT is one bad machine that impressed us all night long, as it raced anyone that pulled up alongside it. It may not have been the...

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