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RIDING IN a 7 second STREET CAR! | Race Week Day 5

Another drive day on RMRW 2020! Many people still battling through the week AND Fred got to ride in a 7 second street car! Pretty INSANE experience! Oh also Kyle and Matt got pulled over lol!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsh1kqw8M-o

FIRST in the 6’s – STICK SHIFT World RECORD!

JOEL GRANNAS IS FIRST IN THE 6- SECOND'S with an H-Pattern Stick Shift car!  Congrats to Joel and the Prospeed team! The stick-shift game has been a wild one for the past 3 years with Cleetus running the first RWD 7-second pass a couple years ago and many others...

1000-3000hp MONSTERS in Texas! | TX2K20

TX2K20 is in full swing, kicking off with passes from the craziest street cars on the planet! TX2K Staff and Sponsors pooled together to create a $5,000 bounty for the first MKIV 2JZ Supra to run a 6-second pass for the weekend. Opening up the event with money on the...

Standing Between 20,000HP – Top Fuel Dragsters!

It’s a shame we have to travel all the way to the UK to be able to film Top Fuel Dragsters, but we couldn’t have had more fun doing it! Kyle checks off his life long dream of standing between two top fuel dragsters while also documenting the experience to share with...

Money Shifts, Wrecks & CRAZY Races! (WCF 2019)

Approaching the end of 2019 we find ourselves here again at Import vs Domestic’s: World Cup Finals, the ultimate event to prepare us octane-junkies for the cold race car devoid winter ahead. One of the largest events we cover all year and absolutely one of the the...
Homemade Race Car? 730hp FrankenKart!

Homemade Race Car? 730hp FrankenKart!

We’ve met tons of people who have built their race cars themselves, but how many of them have completely built a whole car? These builds are awesome finds due to the unique relationship between the driver and the creation, hence the owner dubbing the kart...

Not the V8 We Expected – 800hp TT Benz

Not the V8 We Expected – 800hp TT Benz

Streetcar Takeover’s event at Bandimere Speedway in Denver, Colorado brings us awesome new builds year after year. This time we crossed paths with a V8 Mercedes E55 which didn’t sound like the V8 note we’ve come to expect out of E55, making it a car we had to make our...

UGR Lambo’s vs 2000hp GTR @ SCT Denver!

UGR Lambo’s vs 2000hp GTR @ SCT Denver!

Roll racing isn’t exactly everyones favorite class, but it can certainly be an insanely entertaining one!  Especially when every racer is at a disadvantage thanks to the mile high elevation air density of Bandimere Raceway in Denver Colorado.  Streetcar Takeovers Roll...

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