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The Perfect GTR? | Ride Along in the STREETS!

In this video, we wanted to showcase just how crucial Platinum Racing Products ( are for building big power RB platforms. PRP is THE place to go to for the new cutting edge parts for any RB platform. What do you guys think of...

CHITOWN Cash Days – $9000 Street Race [Full Movie]

Intensity, Action, and Arguments combined together into one of our longest features of 2019 - Chicago Cash Days 2019! A monumental night filled with some of the most shockingly and downright FAST small tire street cars we’ve seen this year. Trash talk and...

Playing with MEGA Trucks! – DMD Off Road Experience!

Following up a long weekend of racing, it was a nice and relaxing switch to a totally different caliber of vehicles. A stop at DMD is always a good time, but this time we loaded up two MEGA TRUCKS and headed down to play in the river!    ...

1200hp HONDA sets New FWD 1/2 MILE RECORD! (210+ mph!)

It's been a HECK of a journey for Myles and his Integra - notoriously known as the "Gringotegra". He's been resetting his FWD record EVERY year at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, and this year is no different! With every upgrade he makes, comes more mph - bridging the gap...

1500HP 2JZ Silvia, FWD wheelie bar, Turbo LS Commodore, and MORE!

The Modified Live event was a pretty paid back event! (considering how crazy Aussies are) It reminded us of a few events in the states, except all the cars are some wacky thing we don’t get in the states! We felt like we were right at home but with the wild vehicles...
1650hp NITROUS Supra shoots for 200mph!

1650hp NITROUS Supra shoots for 200mph!

After going 199.77mph last year - he's BACK, with a new transmission and some good ole laughing gas! Will it be enough for this 1600+ hp Supra to FINALLY go 200mph? Check out the video to find out!  

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