Hardware stores need to step their game up to compete with the UK’s innovation of what a Shed can be used for!  Likely the most jaw-dropping, head-turning, and smile generating build we saw while at Santa Pod Raceway for the “The Main Event”, this “Shed” was what stole the show for us.  Kevin built this AMAZING display of automotive creativity and uniqueness from a 4Motion Volkswagen Passat he had purchased for parts, but it ended up being too good of a car to scrap and there the story begins.  Kevin built something which blurs the lines between passenger car and recreational vehicle but still retained the ability to be STREET LEGAL, and so it is!  Kevin had a tough journey to get to this point, but he has absolutely earned the right to the title of “World’s Fastest Street Legal SHED!”.

Follow Kevin and his creation for more sweet Shed action!: 



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