1320Video is BACK with a Unicorn C5 update, and we are glad to report that Chad at The Shop, Inc. has successfully install the turbos on the motor IN the car! This is definitely an extremely tight squeeze and Chad had to clearance many things, but he made it work! The Shop, Inc. was also able to line out the intake pipes on the twin turbos as well. We look forward to the next update in which we hope the car is able to fire and move under it’s own power!!

– C5 Unicorn Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/C5Unicorn/
– The Shop, Inc.: https://theshopincne.com/
– Huron Speed: https://www.huronspeedproducts.com/
– Thompson Motorsports: https://www.thompsonmotorsports.net/
– RPM Transmissions: https://www.rpmtransmissions.com/
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