The ULTIMATE C5 Corvette and it’s covered in carbon fiber! Joe Cordes (owner of Cordes Performance Racing in Tempe, AZ) took his love for Vipers, Corvettes, and Carbon Fiber and made the perfect C5 Corvette for him! This wide body C5 has been painted Gen V Viper Blue and finished off with all the carbon pieces he could have made! Cranking out over 1200HP out of a Procharged Frankenstein LS engine built from all the strongest parts of the LS series lineup, this SIX SPEED car was built to be a BLAST on the 1/2 Mile! Trapping speeds in the 1/2 mile upwards of 180MPH, this C5 has the power to put a smile on anyones face! We ran into Joe and his friends and customers in Tuscon and Phoenix Arizona for Street Car Takeover events, and we also stumbled into them in Caddo Mills, TX and Phoenix, Arizona again for Texas Invitation and Omega Motorsports No Fly Zone!


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