Trailer Burnouts – Aussie’s DON’T CARE! Aussie’s are already known for being absolutely INSANE when referring to car culture and being state side sure didn’t change that at all!  Starting off the FINAL drive of Rocky Mountain Race Week, presented by 1320Video, racers faced the MOST difficult drive of the week!  Coupling the 2nd longest drive with inclement weather, the racer/driver teams were faced with a challenge not yet seen as brewing storms overcast the horizon.  Fortunately the participants, or “raceweekers”, are some of the most positive and entertaining people we encounter all year! Even in light of hours of driving ahead, they were willing to pull aside, get out to stretch, and keep us entertained!  Rocky Mountain Race Week 2018 is coming to a close with one final day of racing, stay tuned to stay up to date on the final results of this years 1,400 mile true street car test!


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