Lyle Barnett is back in the driver seat after the horrendous fire at No Mercy 6 back in 2015. Back then he drove his Radial Vs the World corvette that caught fire ending with a fire that almost
torched Lyle to death. After a long recovery were glad to see Lyle back behind the wheel racing again! Driving Jason Digbys 1969 Dodge Dart in the leaf spring class he did the comeback of a life time!
The Dart is powered by a 547 cubic inch Chrysler motor and a 118mm turbo. To top the weekend off Lyle also broke the leaf spring record in the 1/8th mile by running a 4.244 @ 181.69 mph! Huge congratulations to
Lyle and the team behind him. With such a domination in the class, his competitors fears the car and calls it the CLASSKILLER!

Thanks to MotorManiaTV for the interview footage!…


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