Tina’s NEW Twin Turbo Setup! (No More LS!)  Street Outlaws Tina Pierce is a street car driving legend as she constantly challenges the limitations of racing an elongated brick of a race truck!  Rocky Mountain Race Week, Presented by 1320Video, was Tina’s debut event with this BRAND NEW setup where she could not only get some seat time with a completely new build but also put some serious miles on it to work out the gremlins!  Scrambling to get her Chevy Colorado road worthy for race week unfortunately left Tina with a rough road ahead as she proved to us that if she didn’t have bad luck, that she might not have any at all!  Getting this new setup dialed in presented new challenges they hadn’t expected all the way from SAVAGE dash rattling tire shake, to the discovering the dangers of a runaway trailer on public roads!  Thankfully at the end of the week Tina was rewarded with a bit of good luck by taking home the overall event win with a total prize of $15,000!  While that likely doesn’t hold a candle to the expenses it took to earn that prize, they definitely drove home from the event with some serious data and knowledge for whatever race comes next!  Look out for Tina in upcoming events like Outlaw Armageddon, because this truck is no push over and she’s out to prove it!


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