They’ve Gone Through HELL To Get Here! – Drag Week 2018 Day 5.  Pulling up to the concluding race day of Hot Rod’s “Drag Week” 2018 is always bittersweet as the racers who’ve made it are equal parts exhausted & exhilarated from completing the most GRUELING street car test in the WORLD.  Traveling over EIGHT-HUNDRED miles through Mother Nature’s worst weather and terrain, these incredible displays of craftsmanship have endured tests that some brand new cars would struggle to overcome!  Only about 300 of the 375 initial racers managed to return to Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA for the final passes of the competition due to the incredibly difficult nature of the competition.  Arriving at the final day is our favorite day of the week because we get to see the racers make the most rewarding 1/4 mile pass of their lives after finishing a week of torture, as well as watch them get crazy and really push their cars to see what their builds are capable of with the returned safety of a trailer in case parts fail!


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