If They Didn’t Have Bad Luck – They May Not Have Any At All!  Royce Payton and his 1965 screw blown Ford Mustang are always turning heads at events the pair attends as he rears this barbaric full steel body pony off the starting line!  As a four year race week veteran, Royce came prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay competitive in 1320Video’s Rocky Mountain Race Week in 2018 but even years of experience can’t predict the colossal savagery of what race weeks have to offer.  Burning through spare parts like a top fuel car, this alcohol injected brute tested Royce and his co-driver of their will and determination nearly every day of the competition.  In the true nature of race week Royce was not spared any luck on the final day, inevitably pushing the car back onto the trailer after a full week of torture and trials. This is a car everyone LOVES seeing and we without a doubt can not wait to run into again!


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