The WORLD’s Most BRUTAL Street Car Challenge! Hot Rod’s “Drag Week” 2018 has OFFICIALLY launched and the competition has begun!  With over 400 STREET CARS filling the pits of Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA, the tech lines have opened and testing lanes are full!  Every year Hot Rod Magazine puts on the WORLD standard in STREET CAR tests, as they challenge any and all racer’s that believe they have a road worthy racecar!  The insane popularity of this event only grows each year as pre-registration spots open up and sell out in under 10 MINUTES!  These racer’s are only allowed to trailer their cars TO the event and from there they have to bring what they need to complete the 1,000+ EXHAUSTING miles.  On top of the road trip, racers MUST make at least one pass at every track to stay in the competition, and at the end of the week their time slips are gathered, averaged, and from there each class winner is declared.  It may sound simple, but every year only a fraction of the cars that enter…make it back to the the initial track to complete the punishing adventure!


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