Tire Shake So Bad His BUMPER Broke Off! During the final day of 1320Video’s Rocky Mountain Race Week, the racers whom made it all the way thorough the tests and challenges of race week were ready to celebrate by turning the cars up!  With the fear of not making it to the next race track gone, many of the racers decided to try their luck by shooting for their fasted pass of the week in an effort to put on a show as well as bring down their averages!  Some racers made their best passes of the week, while some pushed too far ending them on the trailer sooner than intended,  Out of the record 140+ cars that entered, a shocking 120 of the cars made it through the challenging week to completion, proving their cars worthy of being deemed a TRUE street car!  As we conclude the last day of Rocky Mountain Race Week 2018 here at Great Bend Raceway in Kansas, we want to thank you all for your support this week and we hope to see many new racers in attendance for 2019!


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