PARISH8 – The Sleeper That Changed Everything! Taking it back to the beginning with one of the most crucial feature cars from our archive, we present to you “Parish8’s Sleeper Pickup: The UNSEEN Footage!” With tons of racing never uploaded to YouTube. Grab a seat and a few of your friends (but leave some room for nostalgia) and kick back while we throw it back to one of the biggest game changers we’ve ever filmed! Parish8 wasn’t just about one thing, him and his Chevy Silverado did everything from Street DOMINATION, abusing dyno’s, and even mind blowing track passes. When Parish got the bug, it coupled with his unwavering desire to tinker and that resulted in a truck having a power level that was, at the time, completely unheard of! Lurking around the streets while preying on modified cars (who were typical too cocky for what was about to happen), Parish could commonly be found tearing away from an unsuspecting victim at any given stop light, leaving nothing behind except black marks, hurt feelings, and confusion. Nothing seemed to motivate Parish more than the shock value of people getting simply DESTROYED by a seemingly average stock pickup truck. We’re proud to bring to you one of the largest features we’ve ever made over one of the most influential vehicle/driver combo’s we’ve ever encountered and we hope you enjoy this throwback as we celebrate the monumental achievement of 1320Video reaching TWO MILLION Subscribers. From everyone here at 1320Video, we all thank you deeply for your continued support & we hope that you enjoy this video as much as we did!

Throughout this video you’ll see the truck racing with power levels ranging anywhere from stock to 1050whp


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