Fine Tuning 120,000 RPM!! (Germany: EP-5).  Enjoying a bit more “spirited” driving in the brand new Audi RS3 we rode out in after a detour at Pannhorst Classics, (where we drooled over an unfathomable wealth of rare European classics for a few hour)s, we found ourselves back at our original destination, Ladermanufaktur.  Housing a virtually spotless facility full of new, worn down, or completely destroyed arrays of turbos and parts, this small shop specializes in packing a strong competitive advantage into turbocharger applications through precision parts and tweaks!  We were fortunate enough to see the process in action as they fired up some of the machines for us to show us how compressor and turbine wheels are balanced and trimmed to remove vibrations all the way up to 120,000RPMS!  Seeing the high level of care and precision Ladermanufaktur applies to their turbocharger applications and facility, we can easily see why they are so busy!  Not only that, they were cool enough to save us a few days of riding in our rental Skoda by letting us borrow a baller diesel work van that we put to the test as we got back on the Autobahn and headed for the RACE1000 1/2 Mile!


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