0 – 200MPH in FOUR Seconds!

0 – 200MPH in FOUR Seconds!

This is not a car we would want to be matched up against..this mean machine is capable of going over 200mph in 660ft! NOT BAD for a back-half Fox body on RADIAL tires! What’s it take to go that fast? You could start with the Proline built 481x God-motor –...
213 MPH AMC Javelin – Twin 88mm Turbos!

213 MPH AMC Javelin – Twin 88mm Turbos!

If you haven’t seen this INCREDIBLE machine yet, you NEED to watch this video. AMC built some pretty unique (and pretty strange looking) cars back in the day, and its so cool to see some still on the roads in this condition, ESPECIALLY when is has a 2500hp drivetrain,...

Street Outlaws BIG CHIEF Wins $20,000!!

We’ve all seen him on Discovery’s Street Outlaws, sitting in the #1 spot on “The List” currently. Despite being familiar with other racers such as Murder Nova, The Mistress, John Doe, and Doc in the Monte, NO ONE could prepare themselves for...

Big Chief vs Murder Nova @ $20,000 Race

Street Outlaws most notorious street racers, Big Chief in THE CROW and Murder Nova drew each other in the 3rd round of OUTLAW ARMAGEDDON No-Prep race this weekend. They never love racing each other, but with $20,000 on the line, someone has to make it to the top and...

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