The 405’s FASTEST import competing in THE MOST tortuous street car event in the world – Drag Week 2016! Jared Holt’s Real Street Performance 1500hp Toyota Supra endured 1100 miles of driving over 5 days, with a U-HAUL TRAILER in tow.
This is only the beginning for the 7 second import – Jay and Chris from Real Street who made up “Team Jrod” on the week long journey found the trip to be nearly trouble free until the 4th day of racing in Indianapolis when the head gasket let go igniting a fire and providing for some pretty crazy drama on the top end of the track.
Ironically enough Chris had mentioned the night before that they were considering replacing the head gasket if they had time due to the extreme stress they go through in these high horsepower inline 6 cylinder engines. So team Jrod got to work, found a machine shop to clean up the head and swapped the gasket in a matter of only a few hours to get on the road back to National Trail for the last day of Drag Week!
In the end Real Street & Jrod showed the world that in the crazy street car game, imports ARE a force to be reckoned with! We would love to see more and more street worthy single second imports take their shot at Drag Week in the future!
Go like JRod’s page to check out the supra and all his other crazy toys HERE:…


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