Leroy the SALVAGE, is nothing less than an absolute SAVAGE.  Cleetus McFarland’s Go Kart edition 2001 C5 Corvette is just an all around AWESOME machine that seems to get cooler by the day.  While there has been plenty of feuding online between the Unicorn C5 and Leroy the Salvage, this was the first time Kyle got to see Leroy in person.  After seeing what this literal “Bare Bones” Corvette put down on the dyno, we had to go out and see what it was really capable of (which isn’t enough to beat the Unicorn).  The SCT Charlotte rain date may have ruined our plans for the day at Zmax Dragway in Charlotte, NC,, but thanks to Cleetus McFarland and his mad monstrosity, we managed to salvage the day in more ways than one!
Leroy is slow.
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