No International trip to race your car is going to be trouble free, but these guys sure seemed to get the worst of it! Event Description: Hot Rod Magazine’s “Drag Week” is the yearly test and trial of what can define a street car, and how far the limitations of technology can be pushed! Considered the world’s most GRUELING street car challenge, participants willingly indulge in a hellish week plagued with stresses and failures to prove the worth of their build against others. Starting at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA for Drag Week 2018, competitors were required to not only make passes each day and turn in their best time, but they MUST drive their car and any tools or special parts required to fix them to and from each drag way. In 2018, competitors started in Atlanta, GA, and drove to Darlington, SC ► Charlotte, NC ► Bristol, TN, and back to Atlanta, GA to complete the near 1,000 mile journey to determine the validity of what they consider a TRUE street car!


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