This is STILL the FASTEST GM stick-shift car in existence and it’s not getting any slower! We’ve ran into this car several times this year and each time witnessing it get faster! From Street Car Takeover Indianapolis or Charlotte, all the way to Chitown’s King of the Streets in Union Grove, Wisconsin! These guys are no lightweights and while they are just out pushing the car and having a good time, they prove time and time again that they are competition to be taken seriously! Lining up against many other cars featured on this channel like the insane DSM “RED DEMON” the 1,000HP camo K24 MR-2, or even the Worlds QUICKEST 6-Speed Corvette, we’ve witnessed this turbo Chevrolet Camaro battle some of the BADDEST cars in the Street Car world! Traveling around that kind of distance takes some real dedication and we felt it was time we shared their story from this year!


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