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THE SUPER BOWL OF STREET RACING converges on the state of Texas for yet another insane weekend of racing! The smell of race gas and E85 fill the highways. For three consecutive nights the sound of screaming waste gates, spooling turbos, and whining superchargers take over the quiet of the city. This movie brings you the highlights of the craziness that occurs as the monsters of the streets line up, one after another, to see who’s got what it takes to compete in the single craziest street race on earth! While the weekend was cut short with rain on Saturday, there was still plenty of racing to be had, and 1320Video was there along the way to capture it! 1800hp Lambo’s, 1600hp GT-R’s, TONS of boosted & sprayed Vettes, giant turbo Supras, and many more street cars are featured in this gotta’ see it to believe it video. THE HUNT IS ON!

BluRay note: Our BluRays do not play on XBOX 1 gaming systems, but do play in other BluRay Players.  Microsoft is re-evaluating their restrictions, but for now please choose DVD version if you wish to play on an XBOX 1 system.

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