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A new collar for your race car puppy! 3 sizes to choose from!

SMALL (5-10 lbs) Common Breeds: Dachshund (miniature), Maltese, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier

NECK: 8 – 12″ (Small Size Collar)

MEDIUM (Up to 55 lbs.) Common Breeds: Beagle, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, French Bulldog

NECK: 14 – 20″ (Medium Size Collar)

LARGE (Up to 75 lbs.) Common Breeds: Boxer, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Weimaraner

NECK: 16 – 26″ (Large Collar Up to 22″)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in

Small, Medium, Large

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