This was absolutely without a DOUBT, one of the HARDEST Wrecks We’ve EVER Seen!  You NEVER want to see someones hard work take a turn for the worst and end up destroyed, but that is one of the unfortunately possibilities every racer takes when they line up.  THANKFULLY the driver walked away safely, but with a hit THAT hard we can only imagine how bad tomorrow is going to feel.  Starting off Day 1 of Rocky Mountain Race Week has beenincredibly eventful, with an AMAZING turnout!  Being the presenting sponsor for this years event, 1320Video is proud to say over 150 cars are competing up this year, almost doubling previous years numbers!  With each of the classes hosting a variety of BADASS builds, 2018’s Rocky Mountain Race Week is already raising the bar for itself as we conclude day 1 of racing at Great Bend Raceway in Great Bend, KS!  Stay tuned to 1320Video all week long for updates and highlights of this awesome event!


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