You Can’t Even Stop For FUEL! (Or you get DQ’d).  New Mexico raises the bar when it comes to the street car competition, as they make you PROVE your car is able to be driven on the streets before you even get to race!  There is no stopping for fuel, no changing tires, and especially no trailers with New Mexico’s All-Out Call-Out as you have to drive what your car just how you brought it!  Meeting up almost an hour away from the track, the drivers are instructed to meet up in a parking lot, creating an impromptu car show while the initial drivers meeting takes place, from there the drivers have to push their street machines up to an hour away through traffic to claim their right to compete!  New Mexico keeps their car seen fresh and full of variety!  So many different builds and makes showed up to this event and while not all made the journey to the race track, the vast amount of cars that showed up to race was still UNREAL!  All-Out Call-Out is an awesome event that takes place in Albuquerque, NM (nearly 20 hours away from us!) and we LOVE coming back to see what badass builds that show up to this event!


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