This blood red Nissan GT-R seemingly popped out of nowhere, transforming into the the KING of the Texas Streets overnight! While it’s hard to know how much power this street MONSTER is actually making, he’s not the first racer whom we’ve seen sandbag their numbers in lieu of the Texas hustle. Neither car gives entirely definitive numbers, but both are fast-approaching the realm of 2000HP which is absolutely insane to consider. The texas_killr_r35 may have more ponies on paper, the “Mud Truck” Viper is a wild ride of it’s own, with it’s n’th Moto built V10 and twin turbo setup. As the owner modestly states the viper “north of 1500(hp)”, it’s also being pushed through a manual gearbox which makes the Viper an ideal (and true) street car for many. Both racers are well versed with their cars on the streets, leading the suspense of this race down to a thrilling display of street car action!


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