If you’ve watched our channel before, there is a good chance you’ve seen this Ford Taurus SHO (along with owner Zach Wright) on here before!  We first ran into Zach in 2015 at a 1/2 mile top speed event where this car was stripped and on nitrous only!  Ever since then Zach has promised us he would be doing impressive things with this car and he has never let us down!   We’ve crossed paths with Zach many times on along the way of his quests for 10’s, 9’s, and now 8’s!  Zach is one of the few people bold enough to continue building a platform that has such a limited following, but no matter how many parts he’s broken along the way he has never given up!  We’re super excited for Zach and his hard work after the hell he faced this year for TX2K20!  

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