Drag Week 2018 EP.2 – REAL Racecars Ain’t Scared of Rain! Even in light of the approaching hurricane Florence, these dedicated racers find themselves traveling at a snail’s pace as they try to safely commute to the next track.  While safety was a huge concern during the first drive, most of the racers were able to make it safely from Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, all the way over to Darlington, South Carolina to begin day 2 of racing!  Hot Rod’s “Drag Week” 2018 took over Darlington Dragway while the sun was out and the sky was dry as they squeezed in a full day of racing! While the road has already laid claim to a few racers, their cars, or broken parts, the spirit of Drag Week remains strong and un-phased as the racers and Hot Rod Magazine push forward into the oncoming onslaught of severe weather!  Subscribe to stay tuned to 1320Video’s coverage of Drag Week 2018!


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