This s2000 has made a few appearances on our channel before for many different variations of entertaining material, however this time is a celebration of a racer’s high’s and low’s.  Stuart has invested such a large amount of his spare time into finishing this car specifically for this event, making it a rewarding experience to simply pull into the gates of Import vs Domestic: World Cup Finals 2019.  Traveling from Texas all the way up to the pits of Maryland International Raceway in Bud’s Creek, Maryland, marked a rare event for Stuart as he took a weekend off from the pits of T1 Race Development to give drag racing a shot with his own car.  With all of the time that’s been devoted to this car, the weekends frustrating low’s and emotional high’s offer a chance for viewers to peer into the struggles of the competitive racing life.  Irregardless of how the weekend ended, it’s certainly not a weekend that Stuart will soon be forgetting.  


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