Gas Station Suprise! (Sleeper TURBO RX8) was exactly that, a complete and total surprise! Pulling up to the pumps of this Aussie petrol station, we saw a couple clean looking rotaries but we had NO IDEA they were even modded at all! Once the drive popped the bonnet and we saw that massive GT45 turbo bolted to that almost equal size 20B rotary engine, our jaws dropped. Talk about a serious sleeper! After the driver gave us a few bits about the car, including the fact that it looks completely stock but puts out nearly 750hp, we HAD to get a ride in it. Lucky for us the driver was willing to not only oblige our addiction, but he was willing to put on a show for us too! We don’t run into a lot of rotaries done this well, but when they are done right they really earn some serious respect!


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