TWO Head Gaskets, and a Lifter – They BARELY Made it!  Race week’s are a constant test of patience, knowledge, efficiency and ingenuity as every day brings new challenges for even the most reliable builds!  From small issues like running out of E-85 all the way up to full blown parking lot engine rebuilds, proving your car’s street-ability is no simple task.  Rocky Mountain Race Week 2018, presented by 1320Video, is a challenge to true street cars everywhere to endure the heat of the street while providing friendly competition between racers, in a family friendly setting!  The 4th installment of RMRW is a variation from past years as we find ourselves traveling across the midwest’s great plains, in search of tracks in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  Driving from Topkea, KS, we finally made it to Springfield, MO to race at Ozark Raceway Park before heading back for sleep in preparation for the LONG drive to Thunder Valley in Noble, Oklahoma!


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