Stevie FAST Jackson has just set the drag radial world record in the Shadow 2.0 down at Lights Out 8! Cracking off a 3.737 at 199 mph JUST after the record had just been broken by Barry Mitchell in his blown Camaro where he went just a THOUSANTH slower at 3.738 at 197 mph! Just shows that Stevie Fast Jackson wasn’t ok with not holding that world record! The Shadow 2.0 is a drag radial MONSTER and showing to Lights Out 8, the competition instantly knew they had a fight on their hands! Southern Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) is going WILD! Drag racing is fierce down at the track, and we knew it would be in the Outlaw vs The World class! Subscribe to stay updated on more CRAZY happening going down and maybe we’ll see Stevie Fast 2.0 and The Shadow 2.0 crack off another drag radial world record pass!
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