Dirty Diesel C10 – This Truck Frickin HAULS! Timeless design meets technology here as this 2006/07 Duramax Diesel powered 1970 GMC C10 pickup soars down drag strip after drag strip!  If we had to choose one thing we love most about race weeks, it would be the fact that racers bring some of the most pridefully built race cars and trucks out to show off to likeminded racers in a competitive, yet friendly environment.  The pits are over run with builds forged from blood, sweat, and tears, and racers that gleam with pride as we pass by.  Talking to owner/drivers like that of this twin turbo duramax diesel swapped C10 pickup are what makes these events awesome because these owners get a chance to display their efforts and ideas in front of an audience like no other! 1320Video’s Rocky Mountain Race Week was an incredible 1400 mile, 6 day journey, that allowed us to meet some truly awesome people with some SERIOUSLY cool builds.  We got crazy excited over this truck, and we hope you do too!  If you could build a car for any “Race Week”, what would it be and why?


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