Who could hate this turbo Mazda rotary 13B powered Datsun 1200 on the street!? From the gorgeous engine bay to the Lenco 5-speed transmission, this Datsun 1200 build is one to appreciate…especially when we see it show up to Lincoln Cash Days 2017! What’s better? It’s a complete STREET CAR! After appearing in 2/3 of last cash days we attended, we hope to see it more! This Datsun weighs next to nothing (2300lbs without the driver in it) and makes somewhere in the region of 600 horsepower! When you set this thing next to the Chevelle, it’s INSANE how small this car really looks! This JDM legend lines up with cars like the Beater Bomb, a nitrous fed big block Chevy Chevelle and many others and put up some serious resistance for these heavy hitter street racers!
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