George Dodsworth is a staple, a hero, and a legend in the GTR community, and after this event he can tack “pioneer” onto his GTR resumè.  George made the bold decision to convert his 2009 Nissan GTR (which is famously AWD), into a 2-wheel-drive only setup for GTR World Cup 2021.  While you’ll really just have to watch the video to understand the rollercoaster of events that transpired, we can expect that this change will be received with mixed emotions.  Sacrilegious to some but exciting for others, regardless George and T1R are taking the inevitable steps required to catapult this platform farther and farther into uncharted territory.  George knew it would be a gamble, and at this power level there is no such thing as “things just working right”, but we are happy to say that we are absolutely impressed by what we’ve seen so far.  We are very curious to see where the data they gather leads, and we are hoping that TX2K21 sets the stage for some untapped potential!

Thumbnail Courtesy of StatusFaction: https://www.instagram.com/statusfaction/

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