KOTS NEVER disappoints!  Chi-town’s King of the Streets is fueled by the baddest of bad street cars and hyped by the highest pots and stakes in trackside bets!  KOTS is ran by it’s own set of rules, staying true to it’s roots of the streets. While there is a 5 second staging limit once one racer is fully staged, they have never had rules requiring a time limit for pre-stage, which resulted in a TWO and a half minute STAGING BATTLE between Street Outlaw’s Boosted GT & the “Bad Apple” twin turbo Mustang!  We’re not sure if they did this with a smile on their faces, or to psych each other out, but they put on one hell of staging battl and a close ass race with the two heat soaked cars!  You never know what to expected at KOTS, and this was a new first for the record books at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, WI!


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