Another Blast From the PAST! This time we’re taking you back to experience Drag Week 2005! Taking it back to flip phones and Parish towing a full size trailer with enough tools for everyone competing! Join us as we crack open this time capsule and watch what it was like to prove you had the baddest of bad street cars 12 years ago! We present to you Hot Rod’s “Drag Week 2005” in all of its glory, for FREE! Stick around till the end and catch this exhausting journey take a quick refreshing detour to Mexico for a little street relief!

“How can you prove to the racing world (and yourself) that you own one of the baddest, fastest, well-built, endurance STREET cars in the country? A 30-mile cruise? No! Strict restrictions on modifications in class races? No! How about driving to five drag strips on five consecutive days in five different states for a trip along 1500 miles of country roads, interstates, and highways! Everything you need, including tools, parts, spares, must be carried from track to track in the vehicle or in a trailer pulled by your race vehicle.


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