JOEL GRANNAS IS FIRST IN THE 6- SECOND’S with an H-Pattern Stick Shift car!  Congrats to Joel and the Prospeed team!

The stick-shift game has been a wild one for the past 3 years with Cleetus running the first RWD 7-second pass a couple years ago and many others chipping away at the 7-second zone of TX2K organizers and sponsors created a $3,500 bounty to any MKiV IRS Toyota Supra to shatter this record at their event, providing some SERIOUS incentive for many racers.  Supra’s with independent rear suspension setups have been battling the basement 7’s for a long time leading into 2020.  This is why the bounty was created, and this is what made these records so incredibly nerve-racking for us as media and invested spectators alike!  The REAL kicker here is that while most of the cars trying to dip down into the 6’s were the tried and true automatic setups, Joel Grannas is the radical outlier who is chasing the same goal but with an H-pattern 6 speed car.  In the same car with similar power, Joel is smashing gears like a maniac and driving the HELL out of this car as he tries to tame the beast with every pass he makes.  Joel may be one of the only people we know who has a rolodex man-cards because every single pass he makes with this car earns him a new one.  Joel may not have been the first into the 6’s for an IRS car, but he does hold the record for the QUICKEST H-Pattern car in the world, previously held by the RED DEMON of Boostin Performance with a 7.0X.  What an accomplishment this was, and to a very well earned racer at that!  Congratulations to the Prospeed Autosports team that has helped Joel accomplish this feat!


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