Cutting a PERFECT Light in the Dirty 30! Nick Plewniak brought something new to the table this year, a 1930 Plymouth sedan he dug out of it’s grave in a barn over a year ago! Battling the odds of completing this project on time, Nick was literally towing the antique sedan through the pits towards tech. Pushing forward with an optimistic outlook, Nick’s spirits stayed up regardless of how much work he still had left. Unfortunately he did not manage to get the car running by the deadline for competing in Hot Rod’s Drag Week. The Dirty 30 did make an appearance late in the week after some well deserved rest and after the 3rd ever pass on the car in 50 years, Nick cut down the tree with a PERFECT .000 reaction time! The car still has tons of tuning left to be done which means there is a lot of potential left, which is why we are STOKED to run into it again!


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