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Audi R8 TEAR DOWN – Turbos go in!!

We're back at AMS Performance for part 2 of the twin turbo R8 build. This time, we take a look at the progress made thus far, and learn a little more of the nitty gritty that goes into an AMS build like this. Only one more week and we'll get to see this monster start...

My Dream Build IS HAPPENING!

It’s turbo time!! The R8 is off to AMS Performance for some serious upgrades - turbo’s, ECU’s, built differentials, and the list goes on. What are we hoping to achieve? For now, a 1200hp street car that can be drag raced, roll raced and abused plenty. We’ve had a...

Wrecks, Wheelies, & CLOSE CALLS!

WILD Wheelies, CRAZY Wrecks, and every CLOSE CALL in between has been crammed into this video to bring some of the most INSANE moments of 1320Video! As crazy as some of these wrecks were, everyone was thankfully able to walk away from each and everyone of them. We...

My parents DRIVE my New Audi R8!

Kyle's new Audi R8 has finally made it from Los Angeles to Omaha! Whats the best way to welcome the new car home? Obviously by taking it out on the town for an entire day, and showing it to friends and family! Kyles parents even took it out for a test drive to see...

RIDING IN a 7 second STREET CAR! | Race Week Day 5

Another drive day on RMRW 2020! Many people still battling through the week AND Fred got to ride in a 7 second street car! Pretty INSANE experience! Oh also Kyle and Matt got pulled over lol!
What’s the COST of racing a TOP FUEL DRAGSTER?

What’s the COST of racing a TOP FUEL DRAGSTER?

We had the pleasure of not only watching these 11,000-12,000HP monsters tear down the track, but we got to watch Clay Millican and his team put in all the effort to make this car WORK! Witnessing all the work and care this team puts into this car for 3.7 seconds of...

INSANE Car Collection (He Owns HOW MANY ZR1’s?!?)

INSANE Car Collection (He Owns HOW MANY ZR1’s?!?)

What do you do when you realize some C6 ZR-1 colors are rare and there are less than 100 out there? YOU START BUYING! At least that what Chris Wells at DDX Automotive did. It all started with a soft spot for his 1,300hp 2010 ZR1 (currently the standing mile record...

HOW LOUD is a Top Fuel Dragster?

HOW LOUD is a Top Fuel Dragster?

We filmed the NHRA Finals this year for the first time! The first video of many we bring to you is some behind the scenes of how things work! It's interesting to see how the entire operation works and we give you guys a bit of insight on the different classes of NHRA...

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